Do & Dont's in Share Application


  1. Read the IPO prospectus. Be an informed investor.
  1. Read all the instructions printed on the application form.
  1. Ensure that the application form and envelopes are completed as required.
  1. State the number of shares applied for (Remember the digits '00' are already pre-printed).
  1. Ensure that correct remittances are attached (Distinguish between par value and subscription price of IPO shares).
  1. Indicate whether Bumiputra or non-Bumiputra applications.
  1. Enclose a legible copy of your identity card (both sides).
  1. State your CDS account in full. It is mandatory.
  1. Sign the application form and countersign all amendments.
  1. Insert Envelope A in Envelope B. Affix appropriate postage on Envelope A & B. If hand delivery is desired, only Envelope A is required and Envelope B may be discarded.
  1. Register with your Bank or Internet Participating Financial Institution for Electronic Share Application or Internet Share Application for convenient share application.
  1. Mail or deliver by hand early.


  1. Do not use another person's name for your application.
    1. Do not take more application forms than required. Help eliminate wastage.
      1. Do not apply more than once. Multiple applications is an offence.
        1. Do not use another person's CDS account.
          1. Do not use a nominee's CDS account.
            1. Do not wait until the last minute to mail, make an Electronic Share Application or Internet Share Application or hand deliver your application. Allow for postal delay, traffic congestion, ATM queues or internet congestions.